girls in private classroom

Private schools (also known as independent schools) strive to offer the best educational experience possible. They are held to the same standards as public and charter schools, but they don’t receive any public financing. Insurance People knows both sides of this coin—the need for top-level insurance and risk mitigation balanced by a tight budget and staff performing multiple roles.

We have a solution for private/independent schools: the Insurance People Private School Safety Group, a pool of schools who, together, receive tailored insurance coverage, risk assessment and mitigation, and training and education that enables them to enjoy the best coverage from a range of providers at the best possible rate.

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How Does It Work?

The Private School Safety Group pools schools to spread risk. We select excellent candidates and present insurance carriers desirable customers to underwrite. Our gap-less approach to coverage gives private schools the opportunity to address their individual needs and take advantage of education and training to allow them to hold or lower rates by demonstrating their knowledge of risk and taking action to remediate it. We provide a complimentary online resource called SafeSchools that allows private school employees, administrators and instructors to learn how to reduce risk and maintain the school’s safe environment. With a yearly review, our private school customers receive the confidence that they have the coverage they need—an not coverage that they don’t need—and a competitive rate for this excellent coverage. The Private School Safety Group membership can receive a dividend back, which they can reinvest in the classroom, when the Safety Group performs well.

Our Partners 

We also partner with professionals that offer their expertise so you can better understand the risks and needs of private and independent schools. Regulations and laws regarding private schools vary from state to state, so we built relationships and work with partners across three states.

Why a Safety Group Works for PRIVATE/independent Schools

Insurance People has a range of insurance partners, so we can provide the right insurance and risk knowledge to help schools improve their insurance profile. When you work with us, you’ll receive a thorough risk assessment, coverage recommendations and risk mitigation recommendations. We look at more than just the facilities. We explore procedures, plans, campus safety, and much more to identify your risk and educate you on how to reduce it. Working together, we plan the right coverage for all of your needs and provide you with safety training and programs, including self-paced online and video education, to help you maintain your risk profile. As your broker, we advocate for you, finding the best coverage at the best price. And, we’re your contact, whether you just need a coverage certificate or whether you have a claim.