Because we know the brewing and distilling business, we anticipate the scenarios that can trigger a need for protection.  Coverages offered through the Insurance People Breweries and Distilleries Safety Group include:


  • Does your brewery or distillery own or operate a truck or van?  Auto insurance is essential because it covers vehicles you own, and non-owned (employee’s vehicles) or vehicles that you rent for work or an event.

Brewers/Distillers/Wholesale Bonds

  • The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) requires breweries and brewpubs to carry bonds. State and Federal government entities require certain bonds for breweries, distilleries and brewpubs Most states require tax bonds for breweries, brewpubs and distilleries to ensure that you pay your taxes.

Crisis Event Expense

  • This insurance coverage is designed to cover costs incurred to manage a business crisis, including fees for a crisis management consulting firm.

Equipment Breakdown

  • This essential coverage includes your equipment, equipment you use and even downed utility services. The breakdown policy covers the cost to repair or replace equipment and covers you for income lost during downtime.  Like equipment breakdown, if your power, water or gas is disrupted, your business income is protected beginning when production is impacted. Some losses require or are covered under an additional property policy.

General Liability

  • Liability insurance covers your product, premise liability, off-premise liability and liquor liability, and more. This is one of the most important coverages for your enterprise.

Group & Individual Health Coverage

  • Insurance People has a range of individual and Group coverage from major carriers and can meet your special needs as well.

Inland Marine (Property-in-Transit)

  • This covers you or someone else when they transport your property, whether equipment and supplies or finished product. If you lease equipment or kegs, the company that owns that property will likely require this coverage for their property.

Key Person Replacement Expense

  •  If an employee who is vital to your enterprise is unable to work due to accident or illness/injury, this coverage gives you the ability to hire a worker temporarily to continue the job.

Liquor Liability

  • If you serve, make or deliver liquor, you must have liability coverage to cover damages from anyone under the influence on product you helped provided.

Personal Insurance

  • For additional savings and to cover personal liabilities, choose homeowners, auto and umbrella policies from Insurance People.

Product Contamination/Product Recalls

  • Product contamination can hurt more than your product—it can also damage your reputation. This coverage includes loss of profit, value of contaminated product, recall-related expenses, increased cost of working and more


  • This covers all of your property, from the reception desk, to the back office to the mash tuns and taps. It also covers improvements you make to leased space.


  • A Refrigeration/Spoilage policy covers perishable stock.

Workers Compensation

  • Workers compensation insurance is required by law even if you only have one employee. Workers’ compensation ensures that employees involved in accidents are covered medically and are paid at least a portion of their salary if they miss work.


  • This is also known as excess liability coverage to ensure that you are protected where your other liability policies such as liquor, general liability, auto and workers comp may leave a gap.