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How Does It Work?

The Breweries and Distilleries Safety Group pools brewers and distillers to spread risk. By selecting excellent candidates, we present insurance carriers desirable customers to underwrite. Insurance People provides customers gap-less coverage for their individual needs and education and training to allow them to hold or lower rates by demonstrating their knowledge of risk and taking action to remediate it.

For customers, it means a competitive rate for excellent coverage that stays competitive, often with rate increases only commensurate with growth. When the Safety Group reaches its potential, Insurance People will declare a dividend—money back that brewers and distillers can reinvest in their businesses.

Why A Safety Group is Best For You

Insurance People uses our insurance and risk knowledge to help breweries and distilleries improve their insurance profile by decreasing risk.

First, we learn your goals and vision. Where are you today? Where will you be next year? In five years?
Then we plan coverage for your goals. We look at distribution, the tasting room, ingredient sourcing, employee hiring, and much more. After that, we present gap-less coverage that clarifies to you where and what your risks are, and how insurance can keep you thriving.

Our safety training and programs help you with OSHA compliance, human resources compliance and anticipating what may go wrong.


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