We opened in August 1999 with 110 students in grades 7-9 and we have grown rapidly to 1270 students in grades K-12 in 2016 on two campuses. We go back with Insurance People to that very first year. They took a big risk with us as a start up in 1999 and took the lead on developing a great relationship with us over the years.
— Joe Maimone, Headmaster, Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy
young student in classroom

Insurance People insures more charter schools in Southeast region than any other company.  We have been a pioneer and leader in charter school insurance and safety since 1998, and today we insure more than 100 charter schools in the Southeast. Our depth in the charter school industry helps us to understand the risks that charter schools face, how to mitigate those risks, and how to manage insurance and risk as schools grow. We have bundled protection together with risk mitigation programs to form the Insurance People Charter School Safety Group, delivering seamless protection for the best possible cost—and often with a dividend back.

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Our Partners 

We also partner with professionals that offer their expertise so you can better understand the risks and needs of charter schools. Regulations and laws regarding charter schools vary from state to state, so we built relationships and work with partners in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

How Does it Work?

The Charter School Safety Group pools schools to spread risk. By selecting excellent candidates, we present insurance carriers desirable customers to underwrite. Insurance People provides charter schools gap-less coverage for their individual needs and education and training to allow them to hold or lower rates by demonstrating their knowledge of risk and taking action to remediate it. We provide a complimentary online resource called SafeSchools that allows school employees, administrators and instructors to learn how to reduce risk and maintain the school’s safe environment.

Our charter schools customers receive a yearly review to ensure they have a competitive rate for excellent coverage, that they have enough coverage, and that they have the right coverage. Most years, the Charter School Safety Group membership receives a dividend back to them, which they can reinvest in the classroom.

Why a Safety Group Works for Charter Schools

Financial issues are the number one reason that charter schools fail. At Insurance People, we use our insurance and risk knowledge to help schools improve their insurance profile by providing the right coverage and decreasing risks.

First, we get to know you and your school. We perform a thorough risk assessment and make coverage and risk mitigation recommendations. From facilities, to procedures, to campus safety, we root out risk and educate you on how to reduce it.

We plan the right coverage for your needs and provide you with safety training and programs to help you maintain your risk profile. As your broker, we advocate for you, finding the best coverage at the best price. And, we’re your contact, whether you just need a coverage certificate or whether you have a claim.

I think we’re lucky to have the kind of connection we have with Insurance People of North Carolina. They’re really great folks. When I ask questions about something in process they often say ‘I already took care of it.
— Beth Vossen, Two Rivers School